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miércoles, 13 de septiembre de 2017

MFC Chicken - Goin’ Chicken Crazy (2016). Entrevista a Spencer Evoy

Hace ya unos años desde que Spencer Evoy llegó a Londres y juntó a un grupo de frenéticos y hambrientos músicos en un bar de pollo frito de Holloway Road para llevar a cabo una misión sagrada consistente en traer los sonidos del rock’n’roll del Pacific Northest al público británico.

En este tiempo han publicado varios LPs y singles, y han hecho bailar a públicos por toda Europa. Estos fans de las gallináceas se han creado un nombre y se han convertido en uno de los grupos con un show mas excitante del garaje-rock’n ́roll-Rhythm & Blues de UK, y dejando flipado al público europeo con su estilo, que ha llegado a ser definido como “la música que los Sonics escuchaban”.

Goin’ Chicken Crazy (2016)

Su primer disco, “Music for Chicken” fue toda una sorpresa para cualquier amante del R&R mas bailable. Con el segundo, “Solid Gravy!” consolidaron y mejoraron su sonido y sus canciones, confirmando con el tercero que no solo eran un grupo con un directo impresionante, ya que también en disco montan buenas fiestas.

En otoño publicaron su cuarto y mejor álbum, mas rico en sonidos mas cercanos al Rhythm&Blues, ofreciendo una nueva receta sin variar su sabor a pollo ya conocido. Lo podrás poner en cualquier fiesta, y puedes estar seguro de quetodos tus invitados pronto se volverán locos con su excitante sonido, algo así como lo que reza el título de ese último disco, “Goin' Chicken Crazy”.

Tras girar por España en varias ocasiones, el año pasado hicieron una gira de un mes con tremendo éxito y muchos carteles de “entradas agotadas” colgados,y vuelven en septiembre a hacernos bailar de nuevo hasta la extenuación.

Nuestro compañero Josechu Egido ha hablado con Spencer Evoy, cantante y saxofonista de MFC Chicken.


Your songs sound like intensive and elegant Rock & Roll and Surf mixed with Garage, R&B and a bit of Grease and Frat. A great mix of styles that results on the fantastic sound of your music. So, what really are your musical influences?
I think you've pretty much summed up the mix accurately in your description! We started with The Sonics as a starting point, looking back at their influences like The Wailers, Chuck Berry and Little Richard then I always get ideas from some more unusual Rhythm & Blues, surf instrumentals and rock & roll numbers I pick up on 7 inch singles. Plus the energy of contemporary bands like The Hives have always informed my idea of a good live show.

This year marks 6 years since MFC Chicken Began as a band. What is the difference between the music of MFC Chicken today and your music 6 years ago?
I think we may have started out with a slightly more primitive garage rock sound. We've kept that edge but I think we've taken more influence from the Rhythm and Blues sound since then.

You edited your last LP titled “Goin’ Chicken Crazy”. " in Novembee 2016. Has it fulfilled this work with your expectations? Still, do you expect more from this album?
We're really happy with the last album. We went with a bigger sound, adding baritone sax and an extra guitar, as well as piano. It worked for us, and on our last tour we tried to replicate that sound live as well.

What do we will see and enjoy in your live concerts for next tour around Spain?
On this tour, we are stripping this down to a tighter, tougher four piece sound, kind of going back to the early days of MFC Chicken, but with more experience and more songs! Every show will be a high energy party on stage (and hopefully in the audience), that's always the Colonel's guarantee.

What are your plans for this year 2017 and next 2018? We assume that you will touring around clubs and festivals. Can you advance anything to us? Any important event? When new songs?
There are some exiting announcements to come for next year, but unfortunately they aren't ready to be announced quite yet. We are taking a little break for the winter but will be back in action from early next year....stay tuned!

Do you think the digital world will end with music as we know it today? What do you think is the future of music?
This is a tough question. People like the convenience and accessibility of digital music, myself included. But people are also going back to vinyl more and more, because there is something beautiful about the physical experience of playing a record. That makes me think that people want to be able to take their music with them, but have the real deal at home. At least when it comes to rock and roll. Digital download codes with vinyl records seems to be a good way forward.

What is your best memory about music?
Probably our first gig in Spain, at the Surforama festival 2013. The reception we had from the crowd was like nothing we'd experienced before, people went wild and we kind of felt like a "real band" for the first time.

How is a normal day in the life of MFC Chicken?
On tour, it usually involves waking up tired/and or hung over from the previous night's gig, trying to get a turn in the hotel room's shower, packing the bags, grabbing coffee and a tortilla, then taking a long and sweaty drive in the van to the next city. Hopefully there's a stop a nice place to enjoy a 10 euro menu del dia. Then we unload our gear at the next club, spend too much time soundchecking and arguing about what needs to be louder/quieter. Hopefully that leaves enough time for dinner and time to get suited up and looking good for the show. Then it's an hour and 20 minutes of non stop high energy rock and roll. After we sign records and take photos with happy, sweaty people and enjoy some free beer...maybe too much of that. Some of us occasionally need to sleep...others ride the energy from the show late into the next morning doing who knows what. Then we start all over again.

What do you think about the current economic and social situation in Spain, Iceland, Europe and World in general?
This is REALLY difficult question to ask a party band that sings about chicken! It is amazing to me though that in a country with economic difficulties like Spain, people make the time and spend money on music more than almost anywhere else, it seems. I think it's important to enjoy life and come together in celebration, perhaps even more so in difficult times. Music should bring a feeling of freedom, inclusivity and positivity, and in that way even a not particularly political band presents a challenge to any ideas of oppression and inequality. Maybe I can go into  more detailed views on the current geo-political situation on the liner notes to our next album...but this will have to be enough for now.

Chicken In A Hurry (2016)


Could you tell us about...

... A book?:
Currently reading on tour "The Moon is a Harsh Mistress" by Robert A. Heinlein.

... A movie?:
 “A Bucket of Blood” (1959) great dark comedy directed by Roger Corman.

... A song?:
"Cool It Fool" by The Cadillacs is currently stuck in my head.

... An album?:
"Surfer's Nightmare", The Persuaders featuring Chuck "Tequila" Rio.

... A group or soloist?:
One of my new favourite groups of seen while touring is The Limboos, great band!

... A hobby?:
Chicken grooming.

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