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lunes, 12 de junio de 2017

Ben L’Oncle Soul - Under My Skin (2016). Entrevista a Ben L’Oncle Soul

El francés Ben L’Oncle Soul formará parte dl cartel de la sexta edición de Blackisback! Weekend

Ben L’Oncle Soul trae el estilo y los aires de la América más exquisita con un álbum que revisiona una de las grandes figuras de la música contemporánea: Frank Sinatra. Los arreglos en las versiones que el joven intérprete y compositor francés hace del repertorio de Sinatra en su nuevo álbum, ‘Under My Skin’, serán uno de los reclamos en los directos de Blackisback! Weekend.

Under My Skin (2016)

La cita es durante los próximos 17 y 18 de junio de 2017 en el Patio Central del Centro Cultural Conde Duque de Madrid. Repite de este modo escenario tras la exitosa celebración en junio de 2016 en este mismo centro histórico construido en el s.XVIII
Nuestro compañero Josechu Egido ha vuelto a hablar con Ben para saber más de este último disco y de la vuelta del francés a los escenarios españoles. Esta es la entrevista completa. 


Still we like more the sound of Ben L’Oncle Soul in your last album, “Under My Skin". It sounds more mature, more immersive and evocative sound, more elegant and precious... definitely a great leap of significant quality. How do you think that your music has evolved in these last years from you start as a musician around 2010?
Since 2010 I went deeply in the sound, actually I went through a quest
For the second album "A coup de rêves" I've been looking for a more authentic sound from the 6O's, my first love, I found it with the Monophonics.
This band embodied that sound that I was listening in Ottis Redding album for example. My last album is influenced by the different generation and genre of music that i grew up with, hip hop, reggae, etc.
All the sounds that I used to be sensitive to, I know them now, I know how to produce them, I am richer of this vocabulary of sounds, and it makes the process of creation easier for me.

Why do you have titled "Under My Skin" this last album? Could you tell us any stories during the recording?
The first song that we recorded and that was significant for the direction of the album was 'I've got you under my skin'. But also it's because with this project I had to absorb the songs, to really have them under my skin.

Are completed your expectations with " Under My Skin "? Where do you will go with this album?
We'll fly to the moon...ahaha

Once again Ben L’Oncle Soul in concert in Spain. What are the differences between Spanish fans and those of other countries?
Well I think the difference is that most of them speak Spanish...

What are the future plans of Ben L’Oncle Soul for this 2017 and next 2108? We assume that touring around clubs and festivals, but something that you can anticipate us?
Yes, we are touring in France, Europe and USA, Canada until February 2018. And we are already working on the next album.

How is a normal day in the life of Ben L’Oncle Soul?
Music, good vibes, friends and music.

Do you have some point of view of the current economic and social situation in the world in general that you want to share with us?
Yes I do have a point of view but it's not the place to talk about it. But I can say that we need more love and more fun in this world for sure.

The good life (2016)


¿Could you tell us

...a book?: 
Petit Pays, Gael Faye

...a movie?: 
Mo better blues, Spike Lee

...a song?: 
Rocksteady, Aretha Franklin

...an album?: 
Moonchild, Voyager

...a band or solist?: 

…a hobby?: 
Hand Spinners

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