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viernes, 2 de junio de 2017

Nikki Lane - Highway Queen (2017). Entrevista a Nikki Lane

Nikki Lane representa la elegancia y el estilo de la nueva ola Country. La denominada Whisky Music celebra tener a una embajadora como Nikki, una joven cantante de Nashville que emerge como una de las compositoras más bendecidas de la escena. Su personal interpretación tanto de la moda como de la música country rock hace de ella una artista querida por público y medios de comunicación por igual.  Su impresionante tercer álbum 'Highway Queen' salió a la luz el 17 de febrero de 2017 y está co-producido por Lane y su compañero, cantante y compositor Jonathan Tyler.

Highway Queen (2017)

Este emocional tour de force, fue grabado en el estudio de Matt Pence, Echo Lab en Denton, Texas, así como en el Club Roar con Collin Dupuis en Nashville, Tennessee. La nueva entrega de Lane resuena en los oídos de fans de Lana del Rey como de Neil Young o Tom Petty.

El día 2 de junio estará en el Festival Primavera Sound de Barcelona y el 3 de junio presenta su álbum en Madrid, en la Sala El Sol. Si te gusta el futbol y Nikki, tranquilo, empieza a tocar cuando haya terminado el partido de la final de la Champions.

'Highway Queen' es un viaje a través de un corazón roto, pero con exquisitos desvíos. Nikki Lane, está emocionada de poder compartir sus canciones con el público español y ayuda quien escucha sus temas a pasar por situaciones complicadas gracias a sus letras, que surgen de experiencias y momentos personales.  Un disco compuesto de canciones como "700.000 Rednecks", un homenaje al  whisky a su ciudad natal y “Forever Last Forever”, tema en el que Lane se lamenta de un matrimonio fracasado. En “Forever” y en la confesión “Muddy Waters”, se sitúa cerca de compositores como Nick Lovwe y Cass McCombs. "Compagino"es una ensoñación puramente Everly Brothers.


Still we like more the sound of Nikki Lane in this new album, “Highway Queen”. It sounds more mature, more immersive and evocative sound, more elegant and precious... definitely a great leap of significant quality. What do you thing that your music has
evolved in these last years?
I still consider myself a relatively new artist. After all, I began my music career at 25 years old. It has taken the experiences of watching other producers in the studio as well as years of touring to feel like I had developed enough of a style to be able to voice my opinion as I did on “Highway Queen”. 

Why do you have titled Highway Queen this new album? Could you tell us any stories during the recording?
As I began touring for All or Nothin, I made the comment to a magazine that I wanted to be the First Lady of Outlaw Country. Although to be fair, the name wasn't mine for the taking. So I worked hard on the record touring and traveling and the name just kind of became my other identity. 

Once again Nikki Lane touring in Spain. What are the differences between Spanish fans and those of other countries?
There is a strong sense of passion in Spain.  I would say that it is perceived to be part of the culture, but joking with Alex sometimes (my guitar player, born and raised in Madrid) one could imagine it is your love for soccer. The applause and appreciation is very lively! It has also been nice to develop fans through Alex's network of family and friends. When we come to Europe, it is on the top of our list because we feel like we are headed home for a reunion with people there. 

What are the future plans of Nikki Lane for this 2017 and next 2018? We asume that touring around clubs and festivals, but something that you can anticipate us?
Hopefully more visits to Europe. We have had some exciting things happen this year, like being able to perform with Loretta Lynn, but those things often happen organically and I'm not sure any of us are certain as to what might happen next! 

How is a normal day in the life of Nikki Lane?
If I'm home, it consists of time spent with my dogs and watering all of my plants. Trying to relax from days on the road. If it is on tour, it is like it is just right now... sitting in an airport writing answers to my interview with you while we wait to fly to the next show.

Do you have some point of view of the current economic and social situation in the world in general that you want to share with us?
Sharing these views is always a bit tough for me. I am learning everyday, but what I know or  certain is that practicing the basic concept of karma would serve our entire world a bit better. There is always a new economic crisis or news of terrorism that could put fear into all of us. It's news like that which should encourage you to treat those close to you as well as those who you only pass by with respect and love.

Highway Queen (2017)


¿Could you tell us…

…a favorite book?: 
The Old Man and the Sea

…a favorite movie?: 
Royal Tenenbaums

…a favorite song?: 
Harvest Moon 

…an favorite album?: 
Rayland Baxter - Imaginary Man 

…a favorite band or solist?: 
JJ Cale

…a hobby?: 

Thank you for your time and congratulations for your album.
Many thanks

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