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lunes, 3 de abril de 2017

Whitney Rose - South Texas Suite (2017). Entrevista a Whitney Rose

'South Texas Suite' es el reciente EP de la artista country más deseada tras el éxito de su disco anterior 'Heartbreaker Of The Year'.

Recién publicado el pasado 27 de enero, Whitney Rose viene a presentarlo a nuestro país con su banda al completo.

'South Texas Suite' tiene un toque de nostalgia, profundo romanticismo y desafío personal: Texas a través de los ojos y oídos de Whitney Rose.

South Texas Suite (2017)

Los últimos dos años han sido enormes para Whitney.  En ese tiempo se ha convertido en una sensación intenacional, aupada como la artista country pop vintage del momento. La voz de Rose verbaliza vulnerabilidad y perspicacia- un contraste que impregna toda su música- con un resultado cautivador.

'Heartbreaker Of The Year' puso el nombre de Whitney Rose en todas las conversaciones en torno al futuro de la música Country y Americana. Su nuevo EP viene a demostrar que todo aquello no fue por casualidad.


We still like more the sound of Whitney Rose in these new songs from your new EP "South Texas Suite". It sounds more mature, more immersive and evocative sound, more elegant and precious... definitely a great leap of significant quality. What do you think that your music has evolved in these last years?
Thank you! I appreciate that. I think it's a combination of a few things. Obviously, there's the whole getting older thing. I released my first album (self titled) almost five years ago now so I have so much more life experience to draw from when I'm writing now as opposed to then. And five years of touring has definitely made me a better musician. Also, moving to Texas in 2015 lit a fire in me and "South Texas Suite" is the result of that.

What motivated this sound in Whitney Rose? What are or have been your most direct influences when making music?
I grew up (from toddlerhood) listening to classic country music and when I got a little older (pre-teen period) I discovered 50s/60s pop music. Most of what I write is a blend of those two things. 

What are your expectations with your this EP “South Texas Suite”? What do you expect from this album?
I wanna sell it! Ha. 

What do we will see and enjoy in your live concerts?
The boys and me having some fun! My band is so tight right now, and I'm so honored to be touring with this group of guys. They're so talented, and such damn good guys. Nothing makes me happier at my shows than seeing people dance, so that's always a goal. 

Once again Whitney Rose touring in Spain. What are the differences between Spanish fans and those of other countries?
I played a festival in Riaza last summer and I was amazed at how much the people there loved country music. I peeked out at the audience before my set and there were hundreds of people line dancing to Dwight Yoakam! It was so damn cool. I loved it. 

What are your plans for this current year 2017 and next 2018? We assume that you will touring around clubs and festivals. Can you advance anything to us? Any important event?
I'll get back to Austin in June after over two months here in Europe and then I'll have a little bit of time before summer touring starts. I also made a new record in Nashville in January, so that will be released later this year. And then more touring, ha. 

Do you think the digital world will end with music as we know it today? What do you think is the future of music?
I sense a renaissance. It definitely hit a very, very low point but I truly believe it's on its way back up. Sturgill Simpson winning Country Album of the Year at the Grammys a few weeks back instilled in me great hope. So many people need music like they need air to breathe. It's not going anywhere. 

What is your best memory about music?
 Oh geeze, I have so many. Don't make me choose.

How is a normal day in the life of a member of Whitney Rose?
I have no normal days! And I'm totally cool with that. 

What do you think about the current economic and social situation in Spain, U.S.A., Europe and in the World in general?
I think that North America could learn a lot from how Europe operates. I love it over here. America is pretty messed up right now, as the world is well aware. 

Analog (2017)


Could you tell us about...

... A book?: 
I'm currently reading Colonel Tom Parker's biography. He was Elvis Presley's manager and his story is absolutely insane. 

... A movie?: 
Fried Green Tomatoes is a favorite of mine. It's also one of my favorite books (Fried Green Tomatoes at the Whistle Stop Cafe is the book title). 

... A song?: 

... An album?: 
A Sailor's Guide to Earth by Sturgill Simpson is an essential listen. 

... A group or soloist?: 
If you like a good live show, The Mavericks put on the best show I've ever seen, consistently. 

... A hobby?:
I like thrift stores. I could spend hours in thrift stores (and I often do). 

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