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jueves, 10 de agosto de 2017

Adam Bomb - They Only Love You When You’re Dead (2017). Entrevista a Adam Bomb

Adam Bomb es uno de esos músicos que lleva toda la vida haciendo lo que le gusta: tocar la guitarra. Su biografía le delata: con dieciocho años hizo una prueba para tocar con Kiss, compartió piso con Izzy Stradlin (Guns'n'Roses), reemplazó a Yngwie Malmsteen en los Steeler de Ron Keel, y formó bandas con gente de la entidad de Jimmy Crespo, Steve Stevens o Cliff Williams.

Rock On, Rock Hard, Rock Animal (2012)

Es uno de esos músicos genuinos del glam neoyorquino que ha pisado escenarios en todo el mundo y que ha colaborado con nombres tan rutilantes como John Paul Jones (Led Zeppelin), Chuck Berry, Johnny Thunders, Lemmy (Motorhead), Metallica o Mick Taylor, entre otros. Se juega cada acorde como si fuera el último en la tierra.

Losuyo es Rock’n’Roll esencial, duro, sin concesiones.
En la presente gira "Recaída Tour 2017", la banda de Adam Bomb la siguen formando el bajista Diego Prieto (Travesía) y el batería Anono Herrero (Burdel King).

Viernes 15 - Rockstar Sala - Benidorm
Sábado 16 - Rockstar Sala - Benidorm
Domingo 17 - La Calle Music Club - Alzira
Lunes 18 -  Smaskens Bar - Torrevieja (Acústico)
Martes 19 - Monroe's - Torrevieja
Miércoles 20 - Wurlitzer Ballroom - Madrid
Jueves 21 - Sala Impacto - Plasencia
Viernes 22 - Sala Metalarium - Badajoz
Sábado 23 -  La Sociedad Hard Rock Club - Salamanca
Domingo 24 - Backstage Bar - Valladolid (Acústico Mediodía)
Domingo 24 - Club Scandalo - Zamora (Eléctrico Noche)
Martes 26 - Tbc
Miércoles 27 - Tbc
Jueves 28 - Rock States Festival 2017 - Jaen
Viernes 29 - Peter Rock - Valencia
Sábado 30 - Veneno Stereo - Castellón
Domingo 1 - Sala Oxido - Guadalajara
Jueves 5 - Tbc
Viernes 6 - Savoy - Gijón
Sábado 7 - Sala Valentino - León


Your songs sound like intesive and elegant Rock and Glam from the 70s, maybe an bit Hard Rock and Blues and Pop. A great mix of styles that results on the fantastic sound of your music now. So, what really are your musical influences? 
Everything I grew up on, the rock stars xmas past. It’s always been all about the guitar heroes – Jimmy Page, Angus, Eddie VH, Alex Lifeson, amd guys like that.

2019 marks 40 years since Adam Bomb began as a musician with Tyrant. Much has changed your musical style, really? What is the difference between the music of Adam Bomb today and your music 40 years ago?
Not much. I know a few more guitar tricks and wrote a few more songs.

You edited your last LP titled "Rock On, Rock Hard, Rock Animal " in 2012. When a new album, please?
I recorded a track called “They Only Love You When You’re Dead” last year. Albums are a little pricey to do for me because I can only make an album in a big studio. My producer Rick Keefer died in 2013, his wife died last year, so the studio is gone.

What is your current band and what can you tell us about them? 
Diego y Anono. Todo cabrones. No, they are de puta madre. I’m the cabron.They are two hard drinking, drug taking, chain smoking rockers from Spain, like everybody from Spain, no?

What do we will see and enjoy in your live concerts for next tour around Spain?
The Adam Bomb rock ‘n roll show. American guitar player de puta madre. Lots of lights, fire, and some cool clothes.

What are your plans for this year 2017 and next 2018? We assume that you will touring around clubs and festivals. Can you advance anything to us? Any important event? 
I’m talking with some people about touring Europe again, but I’m not really going to be playing that much many places this year. I have a new book coming out by Xmas. It’s the follow up to my first book.

Do you think the digital world will end with music as we know it today? What do you think is the future of music?
Well the digital world of today is what it is. Computers have become recording studios and machines make music more and more. Less and less people are putting together new music. It’s very hard for a new band to get a record deal. I’ve been in my own bubble since I started touring in 2003. I’m oblivious to it. I’m not in any competition with bands. I’m not even in the same circuit. I can pretty much book myself all over Europe without an agent or a manager or a record company. I live the life of a working travelling musician, like the blues guys in the old days.

What is your best memory about music?
Playing and recording with John Paul Jones of Led Zeppelin.

How is a normal day in the life of Adam Bomb?
If I’m not on tour? Wake up, make a joint, feed my dog, lately work on my book, make another joint, take my girlfriend to work, make another joint. I live in the country. Get yelled at by my daughter for not cleaning the kitchen, make another joint, work on my book, make a joint, pick up my girlfriend, and go back home, make a joint. Sometimes I eat.

What do you think about the current economic and social situation in Spain, Europe, U.S.A. and World in general?
I don’t. It’s all bullshit to me. The world is only going to get worse. I just prefer to live in my own bubble and ignore it. We don’t have cable television and we have to steal wifi from neighbors so I don’t pay attention. 

They Only Love You When You're Dead (2017)


Could you tell us about...

...A book?:  
911 Is Disconnected….So This Is Rock & Roll 

...A movie?: 
Watchfree.toyou can watch any current movie for free

...A song?: 
They Only Love You When You’re Dead, attribute the pile of dead rock stars from 2016/2017

...An album?: 
Adam Bomb -Third World Roar – The soundtrack to the end of the world.

...A group or soloist?: 
John Paul Jones, my buddy from Led Zeppelin

... A hobby?: 
Making joints

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