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martes, 23 de agosto de 2016

Tahiti 80 - Puzzle (Reedición 2016). Entrevista a Xavier Boyer

Tahiti  80 de gira por nuestro país para celebrar el quince aniversario de su debut “Puzzle”

15 años más tarde de su debut “Puzzle”, trabajo que recibió excelentes críticas y vendió más de 200.000 copias en todo el mundo; Tahiti 80 publica una reedición especial en vinilo que viene acompañada de un 7”, varios temas inéditos y rarezas de descarga gratuita, además de un fanzine editado por la banda para celebrar este aniversario.

Puzzle (Reedición 2016)

Además de la reedición especial, Tahiti 80 realizará una gira europea que los traerá a nuestro país en tres únicas fechas. Será una excelente ocasión para redescubrir un trabajo que fue el punto de partida del French pop y es que “Puzzle”, es una maravilla pop que con el paso del tiempo suena exactamente igual de actual y refrescante. “Puzzle”, suena limpio, contagioso, luminoso y radiante, con unos perfectos arreglos y la voz tímida a la vez que melancólica de Xavier Boyer

Este trabajo seduce desde el primer tema por sus melodías irresistibles, sus estribillos y su amor al pop de guitarras más clásico.


28/10. BARCELONA (Próximamente se anunciará la sala)


Tahiti 80's songs sound like Rock, Jazz, Indie, an elegant Folk and a sophisticated Pop,.... A mix of styles that results on the personal sound of your music. But, what are really your musical influences?
I personally love bands which wouldn't stick to just one genre. I used to be crazy about The Clash. Going from Punk to Hip Hop was quite...brave I guess. Then, quite early on we all really got into indie music. The Stone Roses could do jingle jangle pop but they could also groove, just listen to Fools Gold...Then, there's 60s pop, obviously...Soul music had also been a pretty big influence on us... It could go on forever!

This year marked 15 years since you edited “Puzzle" in 1999 and 20 years from your firts EP “20 minutes”. What is the difference between the music of Tahiti 80 today and your music 20 years ago?
It hasn't changed that much, actually, we've explored a bit throughout the years but we stuck to a formula: we still write pop songs, even though these songs have a different polish or style.

You just have edited an special edition of your first LP "Puzzle", what do you expect from this reissue?
It's obvioulsy a way of celebrating our music. We've been around for a while now, some people grew up with our songs, some missed us back in the day, others haven't heard of us...it's a way to set the record straight.

What's your inspiration when making your songs?
Observation, frustration, need, lust, competition, love...

What do we will see and enjoy in your live concerts?
Since we'll be playing Puzzle songs, we'll perform with a trumpet player. We'll play the album as faithfully as we can, some B-sides too and a collection of tracks from the 5 albums that came after

This is not your first time in Spain. What do you think about the Spanish crowd? What do expect from them?
We haven't played over here in a while, I expect a lot of talking in the audience between the songs! That's often the case in Spain, no worries it's cool with us. I'm sure there will be a great vibe, Spaniards know how to party!

What are your plans for this  year 2016 and next 2017? We assume that you will touring around clubs and festivals. Can you advance anything to us? Any important event? When new songs?
Indeed, there will more Puzzle shows (Barcelona 28th october). As soon as we're done with the gigs, we'll be back at our new studio in Rouen finishing a new album . I've also recorded a solo LP, so you'll hear from us shortly.

Do you think the digital world will end with music as we know it today? What do you think is the future of music?
Don't know. Sometimes I feel that indie/pop/rock music has become a dead genre. Like Blues music, a lot of bands are "pretending". Pretending they're from San Francisco in '69, or a Brit Pop band from '94 like all those white guys who used to sing about growing up in cotton fields... Then there's Frank Ocean who puts out 2 albums in one week. I listen to it, feeling a bit lost and I don't know what to make of it...is this the future? How will it sound in 10 years...

What is your best memory about music?
Let's talk about “Puzzle”, it's something I found out while writing the liner notes: it's great when you don't know what's happening to you. We spent 1 month in NYC, then Sweden...a few months later we were playing around the world. I really love that idea of innocence and the feeling of being a beginner. With each album, we longed for that feeling.

How is a normal day in the life of a member of Tahiti 80’ band?
Waking up early and waiting for inspiration to come. Might take a few hours...sometimes days.

What do you think about the current economic and social situation in Spain, France, Europe and in the World in general?
I think our world is both too polarized and cynical right now. Climate change. Terrorism. It's about time we made a protest album.

Heartbeat (2007) 


Could you tell us about...

... A book?: 
The ballad of the sad café by Carson McCullers

... A movie?: 
The Life Of Brian

... A song?: 
The Magician by Andy Shauf

... An album?: 
Wildflower by The Avalanches

... A group or soloist?: 

... A hobby?: 

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