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jueves, 23 de marzo de 2017

Myles Sanko - Just Being Me (2017). Entrevista a Myles Sanko

Myles Sanko, caballero del soul británico, está de gira por España durante este mes de marzo presentando su tercer álbum ‘Just Being Me' en el que habla con elegancia de amor, esperanza y política.

Artistas polifacéticos de tan alto nivel (además de músico y compositor, es cinematógrafo y diseñador) son una rareza hoy en día y este álbum es el resultado de un trabajo muy honesto, hecho a mano, firmado por él de principio a fin: compone y escribe las letras, los ritmos, las melodías; se involucra en las fotos, diseña sus propias portadas y graba y edita los videoclips.

Just Being Me (2017)

El disco lo ha grabado con sus músicos de siempre repartidos entre Cambridge y Londres. ‘’He apostado por una producción clásica del jazz, manteniéndola soulful y seriamente groovy. Quería captar mi travesía musical desde los inicios en el hip hop de mi juventud pasando por mi descubrimiento e interpetación del soul y ahora el jazz." explica Myles.

El 22 de marzo actúa en la sala El Sol de Madrid, el 23 en Apolo (Barcelona), el 24 en Teatro Circo de Murcia y el 25 en Caja de Burgos (Burgos)


Still we like more the sound of Myles Sanko in this new album, "Just Being Me". It sounds more mature, more immersive and evocative sound, more elegant and precious... definitely a great leap of significant quality. Why do you think that your music has evolved in these last years?
I think my music has evolved over the last few years due to experience, touring, composing, getting to know myself more and what I truly like. Being confident enough to really express what’s inside because all my fans all over the world have reassured me that they love what I do. And finally, I believe a true artist must evolve, let their art reflect the changes in them and the world around.

Why do you have titled "Just Being Me" this new album? Could you tell us any stories during the recording?
I wanted the title of this album to reflect how I was feeling, my current thinking, the fact that I am finally happy to be me and to listen to my heart’s desires.

What do you expect from "Just Being Me"? Where do you will go with this album?
Like your child you expect great things from them but just have to let them find their own way with a little help. With this album all I really wanted is for the industry to say Myles Sanko is a serious musician and we should give him a chance.

Once again Myles Sanko touring in Spain. What are the differences between Spanish fans and those of other countries?
The Spanish fans know how to let go and have fun. That is the wonderful thing about touring Spain. People are wary and very kind so we connect easier. I love Spain!

What are the future plans of Myles Sanko for this 2017 and next 2108? We assume that touring around clubs and festivals, but something that you can anticipate us?
I have already started working on my next album so that is very exciting. I also plan to release a mini 5 track EP with duets of myself singing with great female vocals from the UK early next year. Other than that I will continue to grow and share my music with the beautiful people.

How is a normal day in the life of Myles Sanko?
I am self-managed and run my own record label so when I am not traveling the world on tour being a superstar, I am behind my computer just like right now writing an interview like this or responding to hundreds of emails.

Do you have some point of view of the current economic and social situation in the world in general that you want to share with us?
We can change this world from what we see today to a much better place if we truly want it, as we have the power to do so and it is all in our minds, or thinking.  For example I am very interested in Mr Jacque Fresco and his The Venus Project.

Just Being Me (2017)


¿Could you tell us…

...a book?: 
Little Prince

...a movie?: 
District 9

...a song?: 
Sophia by 4Hero

...an album?: 
What’s Going On

...a band or solist?: 
Bill Withers

…a hobby?: 

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