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jueves, 26 de junio de 2014

Bizu Coolective, Electric Brass Band desde Lisboa, Portugal. Entrevista a Fábio


Bizu Coolective é uma "Electric Brass Band" que vai agitar a tua alma, enquanto as ancas não têm descanso - essa é a missão deste Co(o)lectivo, que se apresenta ao vivo em forma de Orquestra/Big Band .

Nascida em 2009, começou a gatinhar com uma formação diferente e depressa começou a dar os primeiros passos como "walking band" onde a Rua lhe deu a experiência e a sua própria identidade para criar um espectáculo diferente e energético.

Agora (e desde 2012) como banda de palco, foca o seu trabalho na essência das Brass Bands tradicionais, neste caso suportada por uma secção rítmica (bateria e baixo), teclas e um DJ, onde dão uma nova roupagem a temas bem (re)conhecidos do mainstream mundial.Nascida em 2009, começou a gatinhar com uma formação diferente e depressa começou a dar os primeiros passos como "walking band" onde a Rua lhe deu a experiência e a sua própria identidade para criar um espectáculo diferente e energético.

Ao longo da sua existência, colabora com artistas como Da Chick, Farra Fanfarra , actua na Festa do Avante, Festival Entre Margens, Musicbox, Fábrica Braço de Prata, Horta da Fonte e recentemente participa e vence o Brass D'Ferro 2013 - Torneio de Fanfarras e Orquestras, onde foi destacada pelo Júri com o 1º Prémio.
Estilos como Ska, Funk, Hip Hop, Jazz, Disco-Sound, Balkans ou  Afrobeat são mesclados numa partitura, onde a arte de revisitar e o espírito cool falam mais alto!
O acústico funde-se com o eléctrico, os clássicos cheiram a novo, o cheesy soa a arrojado e as raízes são regadas com novos arranjos e interpretações frescas e vigorosas.


Who is Bizu Coolective?
Bizu Coolective is a Brass Band from Cartaxo/Lisbon, (Portugal) consisting of 15 musicians, mostly playing wind instruments but also featuring a DJ (scratcher), drums, a keyboard and electric bass.

What style of music do you do in the varied world of fanfare?
We play a wide variety of music styles. We focus more on the hip hop/disco/funk genres and try to refurbish other styles into this ones.

What will we to see and enjoy in your live show?
Bizu Coolective’s main focus is always, and without a doubt, the music !! Our main concern is quality and technique of the music. From orquestration to the arrangements, we trend to present simple songs that could be very “straight forward” and change them to a more complex versions, making it more interesting, surprising and, above all, more fun to ear.

Is this your first time in Spain? What do you expect from the Spanish public in your show?
As Bizu Coolective – Yes (although we already played in Spain before with other side projects). Well, we are going to a very specific event (quite different from a general music festival or something similar), to play with other bands from the same “musical world”, for a crowd that is there to ear this type of music/bands, so, we expect a “thisty for party” crowd (as we are used to get on the shows we did with other projects – we believe that this one will be no different).
From our side, we are very excited to see the Spanish brass music fanatics (and also the curious) ready to dance untill the last note.

Do you have any surprise or any plans alternative to this tour for 2014 and 2015? Can you anticipate anything to us?
Well, about surprises, we must keep them inside our headquarters (otherwise will not be surprise anymore) ! But they will be revealed on the right time… About plans for short future, we might be releasing an EP (or even a full lenght reléase - who knows ?!) maybe including some of the surprises we have simmering on our “electric brass kitchen”. Time will tell - and we are positive that could be a long story to tell about…

Do you think the digital world will end with music as we know it today? What do you think is the future of music?
Apparently (and even if it sounds wrong for most of the people) music can be having (or had) a very first kickstart with the digital world you mention! Even if it is only about the important freedom of (musical) speech and rights to reléase whatever you want online (or not), without no needing of a record label or a big management agency controlling what you can (or not) record/say/do! The future of music, in my personal opinion, will go trought independent labels (digital or not) and a break with the coyprights infringment (otherwise all the musicians from past, present and future will be paying royalities to classic music composers like Beethoven, Vivaldi, Bach, just to name a few). Also the emerging easiness in home recording methods is making the artists reach bigger audience – the same audience that if was not through big internet database will never heard about it. I have a lot more to say about this, but I don’t want to give you a Tolstoi book J

What is your best memory about music?
“So… we got you a clarinet, is it ok for you?” – said by my first band director when I started playing at age 8.

What do you think of the current economic situation in Europe, and in the world in general?
It will come around, and when it does it will happen again and more often. Sadly…

Do you think the popular music in the street is back in fashion?
I think that’s true! In Portugal, the scene is growing and attracting lots of musicians to this type of bands/music (even the ones that was only doing stage shows back in the days). Street Music was a big thing until end 80’s when electronic music start to rise and getting more attention from people and media. Also, i guess that this so called “street music fashion” might be connected with the economic situation that we are living in EU and just like the economy has his own up & down cycles, so does this – we can call it snowball effect. We just don’t know when will be the next peak of it. But in the end, I am glad for the scene we have in Portugal.



Could you tell us about...

... A book?:
31 Issues and ConceptsBruno Nettl.

... A movie?:
The life of Brian.

... A song?:
BizuThe Original Theme (my 1st played piece) .

... An album?:
PlayElectro Deluxe.

... A group or soloist?:
Music is made of people and teamwork, so only a group, not soloist, Jamiroquai.

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