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lunes, 25 de enero de 2016

Lydmor & Bon Homme - Seven Dreams Of Fire (2015). Entrevista a Tomas Høffding y Jenny Rossander

Lydmor & Bon Homme debutaron el pasado Noviembre con el disco "Seven Dreams Of Fire", y ya está disponible su primer videoclip "Things We Do For Love".

La pareja formada por Tomas Høffding (cantante y bajista de la banda danesa WhoMadeWho) y la atractiva -en todos los sentidos- compositora Jenny Rossander aka Lydmor, lanzaron el pasado 6 de Noviembre su álbum de debut "Seven Dreams Of Fire" (HFM Music).

Seven Dreams Of Fire (2015)

Ya se ha dado a conocer hace unas semanas el primer single "Things We Do For Love".
Por este motivo, nuestro compañero Josechu Egido ha hablado con ellos.


Why Lydmor And Bon Homme as a name for a band?
TOMAS: We are both solo acts as electronic musicians and singers, with each our artist name. When we decided to make a band we spent a long time brainstorming band names and thinking about how we were going to present ourselves but in the end it just felt more honest to present ourselves as what we are, two musical individuals coming together.

The songs of Lydmor And Bon Homme sounds to elegant Pop, exquisite synthpop and delicious Electronic music... A fantastic mix of styles that results in the exquisite sound of your music. What are really your musical influences?
TOMAS: Thank you! What a wonderful thing to say! We are mostly influenced by the difference between us. Musically, personality-wise, experience-wise we are two very different places. We are both influenced by a lot of different artists, from mainstream things like Bjørk and Bruce Springsteen, to more edgy stuff like Gold Panda, Tami Tamaki, Death Grips and Arca.

What inspires you when to make your beautiful songs?
TOMAS: In this album we’ve been very inspired by the similarities and differences of our lives. We’ve discussed our dreams, our loves, our inspirations and our fears and the songs grew out of that. A song like for example “Missed out on Disco” is a merge of both our early coming of age memories, getting into music, getting into love, and finding it all so beautiful and wild.

Is noticed the effort and the love that you have put into this first work. I think is a good idea that your first LP was edited in vinyl too. What expectations have put in this LP?
Since the very start we’ve both been very excited about working together. And since we spent a lot of time making the album, we are also quite serious about these next steps. Making the visual representation of our band, videos, playing live, it is all a part of the love you give something you’ve made.

Why are you titled this LP as “Seven Dreams on Fire"?
TOMAS: It was a sentence that surfaced during the making of our album. It kept coming back in different settings, as a suggestion for a band name, as a thought and just something we loved the sound of. At one point we sat down and found out that the album did actually contain 7 stories of violent transition,  that fitted into the fiery dream we had both imagined during the making of the song Dream of Fire. That was too magical to push aside, so it seemed obvious by then that it would be the album title.

What are your plans for this year 2015 and next 2016? We assume that touring around clubs and festivals. Can you advance anything to us? Any important event?
TOMAS: Right now there are a lot of things on the table that we can’t publish yet. But we DO promise that it will be an exciting year and our tour schedule is going to take us to a lot of interesting places!

Do you think the digital world will end with music as we know it today? What do you think is the future of music?
TOMAS: These days are maybe some of the most interesting times to make music! We are in the middle of a revolution. A revolution in production, ambition, business, and we are a part of getting to define what the future will be! It doesn’t have to be as depressing as some people make it. There are so many new possibilities to make your own art, to expand what you do as an artist and to interact with your audience. This might be an end of some things, but it is definitely also the beginning of something new!

What is your best memory about music?
JENNY: There are many. But one that comes to mind is my first big break up. I was walking away from it, and I put on my headphones and played a song on my iPhone. It was from Cocorosie, a beautiful song called Werewolf. The lyrics goes “Imma shake you off and get upon a horse, ride into the sunset, look back with no remorse”.. As the chorus began the sky cleared a little bit (or maybe it just felt that way) and I remember taking that first breath of relief. Music can be so powerful in the hard situations of your life.

How is a normal day in the life of a member of Lydmor And Bon Homme?
JENNY: Currently I’m doing a lot of touring, so many of them looks like this:
-          wake up in a hotel room, feeling like I haven’t slept enough.
-          Check my email, try to keep track of all the different things that are happening
-          listen to music while I try to pull myself together to get up
-          Get into an airport, fly home, or somewhere new
-          Think about people, write weird words, read books, daydream
-          Fall a little bit in love
-          in the evening, play a show and try to take in my surroundings
-          sleep again, way late in the night

What do you think about the current economic and social situation in Europe and in the world in general?
TOMAS: Whoa, this is a hard one. I’ll try:
Everything is increasingly complicated. Or maybe, it is becoming obvious that the world has always been complicated. We live in societies that seem extremely connected (through the internet), but we still have so much inequality and suddenly people are starting to notice. This is good, because it means that we begin to desire change, but it is also dangerous. The interconnectedness works both ways. The fortunate become increasingly aware of the horrors, the people surrounded by horribleness become increasingly aware of the fortunate. Hopefully this means change. But it’s hard to tell.

Things We Do For Love (2015)


Could you tell us about...

... A book?:
Tender Is the Night by F Scott Fitzgerald. This book brought me back to reading in the spring of 2015. I got it recommended by a friend, and began reading it and then suddenly I just couldn’t stop! I read and read, first the book, and then others after it. It is written in the 20ies, and it a beautiful story about love, madness, philosophy and desire. It made the colors of the world around me come alive.

... A movie?:
Mary and Max! It is a beautiful animated movie about a girl in Australia becoming pen pals with an autistic obese man in New York. It is a fine mix of dark and hopeful. I always cry in the end. But in a good way. I could watch that movie a million times.

... A song?:
Tami Tamaki - I never loved this hard this fast before. Innocent and alluring. Sweet yet provocative. And also Tami is very interesting little mystery. I hope to get to see her perform live in 2016.

... An album?:
Recently I’ve been listening a lot to the Money Store by Death Grips. It is quite hard, but very inspiring! I kinda want to learn to rap when I listen to it.

... A group or soloist?:
ARCA! ARCA ARCA ARCA!!! Besides having produced Björk and Kanye West, he has made a beautiful solo album called Mutant. It is kinda deconstructed and sometimes it is straight out noise, but he always manages to draw you back into his arms, right when you start to feel like it is too much. Thus listening becomes a dance with him where he pushes you, almost away, and then draws you back with a beautiful sound or melody.

... A hobby?:
I’ve started writing poetry! It kinda happened in an accident when I was describing an evening I had to a friend in an email. Suddenly I found out that this was an outlet that I really liked! I wrote and wrote and wrote and I think I might be ready with a book soon! It’s my little thing that I take out when I have time on my own.

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