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miércoles, 30 de marzo de 2016

Simon Stanley Ward - Simon Stanley Ward (2015). Entrevista a Simon Stanley Ward

Simon Stanley Ward es un compositor y cantante de 29 años y compositor, que ha estado girando sin piedad durante los últimos 12 años.

Las actuaciones de Stanley Ward son una combinación de autocrítica, sinceridad y diversión, conciertos emotivos y enérgicos, de los que llegan al corazón y te dejan en un estado tan optimista que te vuelves a casa ¡marcando el ritmo con los pies!

Simon se trasladó a Londres en 2010, con su mezcla única y persona de Country, American Rock y canciones rock and n roll. Stanley Ward edita rápidamente su primer E.P en solitario titulado "Myself to Blame", y ha sido una figura prominente en el crecimiento de la escena americana de Londres. En el verano de 2012 Simon giró en formato solo por los EE.UU., donde tocó conciertos en Nashville y los alrededores de Tennessee. En 2013 Simon recorrió el norte de España que finalizó en el prestigioso Teatro Zorrilla de Valladolid.

Simon Stanley Ward (2015)

Simon se ha presentado en festivales como el Bestival, Truck Fest, Maverick, The Camden Crawl, Larmer Tree Festival, Wickham Folk Festival, Rhythm Festival, The London Singer Songwriter Festival en Spitalfield Market y en sitios tales como The Borderline, Conway Hall, 12 Bar Club y The Green Note.

Simon también es residente en London's Lantern Society at the Betsey Trotwood desde hace casi 2 años, y es colaborador con cómicos como John Hegley, Kevin Eldon y Richard Herring para espectáculos de música, poesía y comedia.


39/03. Valladolid · Café Herminios
31/03. Segovia · Café Librería Intempestivos (Winter Indie City)

01/04.  Montemayor de Pililla · La Hontana
02/04. Aldeamayor de Sanmartín · El Zagal
03/04. León · Bar Belmondo


The Simon Stanley-Ward’ songs sound like to Nashville music, elegant and beautiful Folk, Country Rock from the 70s, maybe a bit Rockabilly from the 60s and Rock & Roll from the 50’s, and now more Blues, Jazz, and a bit pf Pop. A great mix of  styles that results on the fantastic and personal sound of your music now. But, what really are your musical influences?
I have so many musical influences.When I was 8 years old I used to dress up and pretend to be Elvis. In many ways, not much has changed! I am a huge Bob Dylan fan as well as well as so many country artists such as John Prine, James Hand, Willie Nelson and Johnny Cash to name just a few. In the last 2 years I have also been influenced hugely by a lot of of comedians and performance artists such as John Otway, John Hegley and Kevin Eldon. The list could be enormous but these are some of the big players that often stick with me in my musical journey. Oh, and Leonard Cohen and Tom Waits!

You have edited an album titled "Simon Stanley Ward" last year. This album sounds to happiness, to spring and a lot of optimist. What inspires you when making your songs? 
I really love writing and performing music and I feel very lucky that I have the option of spending my life doing it. I think my inspiration is born out of a huge interest and enthusiasm for music and live performances in general. I am just as happy in the crowd watching a good gig as I am on stage trying to do one! I guess there are some things you can turn off and some things you can’t. I have been at it since I was 16 and have never stopped. 

What are your expectations with this LP? 
Having played in other groups in the past this CD was my first chance to put out an album of songs that I have written myself with the help of some fantastically talented musicians. We have been lucky to have had some great radio play in the UK and I really hope to make another one soon! The songs are written and ready to go!

What do we will see and enjoy in your live concerts
The live concerts I hope will put a smile on your face, perhaps create a moment or two of reflection and interest and most importantly provide many dancing opportunities!

What are your plans for this current year 2016? We assume that you will touring around clubs and festivals. Can you advance anything to us? Any important event? 
We have some exciting festivals coming up including an exciting main stage slot at Maverick Festival (UK country music festival), lots of UK shows in London and beyond, a new album and a third tour of Spain in March/April 2016! I love playing in Spain and am very excited to come back and play with the album now released. 

Do you think the digital world will end with music as we know it today? What do you think is the future of music? 
I think that’s a very interesting question! I think the way people consume music has certainly changed. Making music now is like putting a message in a bottle and then throwing it in an ocean full of bottles with music in them. I hope my album will wash ashore now and again in the hands of someone who may enjoy it.

What is your best memory about music?
Seeing Bob Dylan play in Bournemouth in May 2002! I didn’t play guitar before that concert. I joined a band 2 weeks later and abandoned plans to become an airline pilot. I think you’ll agree, a wise financial decision.

How is a normal day in the life of Simon Stanley-Ward? 
I wake up in my flat in London, cycle to the local primary school where I teach, sing silly educational songs to kids, come home, meditate, write some songs, make a nice Spanish supper, jump on the London underground, and play a show, then come home and do it all again! 

What do you think about the current economic and social situation in Spain, Europe and in the World in general? 
Wow! I did not see this question coming! I understand that times are hard for a lot of people in Spain at the moment, as it is for many around the world. This is a big question but in summary I would say that I am a optimist. As the late comedian Bill Hicks once said “The eyes of love see all of us as one”. I hope the future leaders of the world will understand this and treat people with compassion and give hope for a more peaceful, communal future. And then we can get on and properly explore the universe and all that!

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